Japanese Cream Puff

I remember the first time I had Japanese Cream Puff. One day in Indonesia my family and I went to go bowling at the mall. We played a few games. When my parents got tired, they stopped so I just played with my brother while my parents walked around the mall and decided to buy us some treat. They came back with a box with a picture of an old man on it. It said 'Beard Papa'. I opened it and there were cream puffs. I took my first bite and was just in delight. It was not like any cream puffs I had ever had! The cream puff were crispy outside with very delicious, cold, vanilla custard in it.

Now that I live in WA, there isn't Beard Papa here. Sadness... I just found out that they have stores in USA (2 of them in WA.) That makes me so happy! I suggest you try their cream puff. Find the locations here

And then Pinterest came! So I searched for a Japanese Cream Puff recipe and came across this recipe. The only thing I did different was I used 2 tsp of vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean. I would love to make this again using vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract, I bet it's a ton more delicious!
The picture looks amazing and really reminds me of the cream puff I'd been craving. I was excited to try the recipe!

I made it and it looks and tastes amazing!
2013-07-09 15.23.50

Recipe from Simple Indulgence
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