October 2014 Printable Calendar

October is almost here... Yay! Even with the great summer that I've had this year, I was ready to say bye to summer and welcome fall season! I love that fall is so cozy! Here in the Pacific Northwest the rain has started to come. How does it look like where you live?

Brighten your month with this cute printable calendar!



For this printable, I used one of the patterns from the Floriculture set that I got from September Roost Tribe Newsletter.

Just as other calendar printables, this is for personal use only.


Baby Burp Cloths - Easy Sewing Project!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these burp cloths before! These are so easy, I think this would be a great beginner sewing project!


I just almost squealed when I found out that Elizabeth Olwen fabric line is available at JoAnn!


The one on the left is a fat quarter from Jo-Ann. The two on the right are Elizabeth Owen's collection! I feel that the fabric goes well together!

If you can sew straight then I definitely think that you can make this!

I made this using the tutorial from The Thinking Closet.
The only thing I did different was instead of making a template that is 4 3/4 inch wide, I made a template that is 7 inches wide.
I feel that the wider fabric makes it look cuter :)

These burp cloths can also work as a changing pad! It is definitely big enough for that purpose. I gave these to a friend who is having a baby girl soon, I think she likes these so that's always good! :)


Portland Rose Garden

My mom gave me a surprise visit last month!  Well, I guess half a surprise because she actually told me that she was coming over, but she never told me when! She flew all the way here from Indonesia to stay with me for about 2 weeks! It was so much fun! I hadn't seen her for almost two years so it was super duper nice that she came and visited me! I'm a happy girl :)

Anywho, she has super nice friends here! They're awesome, they took her everywhere! We got to go to Portland on a Friday. That was the first time we were there! I especially loved my time at the Portland Rose Garden. Both my mom and I love flowers, well who doesn't anyway!The Portland Rose Garden Has, dare I say, literally thousands of roses there! It's free to go there so if you're ever around that area, make sure to visit!

During our time there, we took, ahem, literally hundreds of pictures!

Here are some of the pics I took!







You can also check out my Portland Rose Garden Storybook (Steller)

P.S. By literally I mean literally, not figuratively :)
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