Baby Burp Cloths - Easy Sewing Project!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these burp cloths before! These are so easy, I think this would be a great beginner sewing project!


I just almost squealed when I found out that Elizabeth Olwen fabric line is available at JoAnn!


The one on the left is a fat quarter from Jo-Ann. The two on the right are Elizabeth Owen's collection! I feel that the fabric goes well together!

If you can sew straight then I definitely think that you can make this!

I made this using the tutorial from The Thinking Closet.
The only thing I did different was instead of making a template that is 4 3/4 inch wide, I made a template that is 7 inches wide.
I feel that the wider fabric makes it look cuter :)

These burp cloths can also work as a changing pad! It is definitely big enough for that purpose. I gave these to a friend who is having a baby girl soon, I think she likes these so that's always good! :)



  1. Those are so sweet and a perfect gift idea. One of my former colleagues and friend is pregnant and now I have something that I can make for her baby shower. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial!

  2. Hi Carroll, thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a nice comment! I have been making burp cloths for the last 2 or 3 baby showers now, not a lot of people give burp cloths for a gift but it's so useful!

  3. I saw your blog on Facebook and wanted to confirm that yes, I love these! The fabric is awesome and I do use them for a changing pad and burping. Thank you so much!

  4. Janni! I'm glad that you love these! That makes me super happy to know that you have been using it!


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