The Big 20/20 Event: Day 1: Make Your Own Honeyed Mead

honeyed mead recipe

This tutorial is brought to you by Sarah

Hello there lovelies! I hope you are well, wherever in the world you are joining us from and WELCOME TO OUR BIG 20/20 EVENT!

I am so looking forward to sharing with you a whole series of 20 tutorials from a whole team of talented creatives, including myself.

As the organiser of the event, I thought it only fair that I kick things off with my own tutorial. It is a recipe I based on one in the above spell book and was something that was completely new to me. Come visit my blog, A Cat-Like Curiosity for the tutorial!

curiously sarah

Sarah Leonard is a curious soul, who lives a magical creative life with her kitties and her husband. She runs an Etsy store full to the brim with artistic curiousities, and writes regularly on her blog A Cat-Like Curiosity. She is also the founder of The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood, a gorgeous community full of light, life and inspiration.

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Coming in March: The Big 20/20 Event

I'm so excited to tell you that I am one of the bloggers who will be hosting The Big 20/20 Event!

This event is all about creativity, ideas, instructions and all things inspirational. We have got a whole host of gorgeous contributors on our team, and they have some fantastic tutorials to share with you.

Over the next 20 days, each day we will have a brand new tutorial for you to enjoy.

This event is organized by Sarah of A Cat-Like CuriosityAt the end of the series, she will compile all the tutorials into one beautiful pdf eBook.

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Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Printable

We all know that eating veggies and fruits is good for our body. We also know that eating organic veggies and fruits is better because they don’t use pesticides and herbicides. But it is more expensive to buy organic compared to conventially-grown produce. So what do we do now?

Dirty Dozen Printable

Well, I found that Environmental Working Group (EWG) has came out with what’s called the Dirty Dozen. In the Dirty Dozen, EWG has listed the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables. It is a way that we can lower our pesticide & herbicide intake. We can just buy organic fruits and veggies that are listed in the dirty dozen.
EWG have also added two types of produce that were commonly with pesticide exceptionally toxic to the nervous system. So they added them to the list so you can buy them organic and avoid the toxic.
Not only the Dirty Dozen, but the EWG have also made a list of the Clean Fifteen, where we can find the least contaminated fruits and vegetables.

So, I thought I would make a printable for you guys. In the printable is a list of Dirty Dozen, and with a list of the Clean Fifteen on the other side. They fit in the credit card slot so it will fit nicely in your wallet. So you will have the lists with you when you go grocery shopping.

Dirty Dozen list fits in wallet!

Dirty Dozen Plus Two and Clean Fifteen Printable
Instructions: For personal use only. Click the link above. Print on cardstock in original size. Cut it. Fold. You can use double-sided tape to hold the fold together. Put one in your wallet. Share with friends and family!

Remember though, eating fruits and veggies, even when they are conventionally-grown, is much better than not eating them at all. The benefits outweigh the risks! I personally mostly buy conventionally-grown, but with this list maybe I'll buy organic more often (when I have more money)


Source: Environmental Working Group

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