Winged Madeleine Bag

Hey y'all!

Phew, sorry I haven't been posting for a looooooong time now! Well, last year after Thanksgiving I got a job at a local technical college, so I guess that's my excuse. I know it's not a really great excuse, but to be honest lately I just don't feel like writing a blog after I get home from work. I was never good at keeping my blog updated anyway, haha who am I kidding. Anywho, so I feel so thankful to have a job and it's a really fun job too!

Anywho, last weekend I made a Madeleine bag! I think it looks really cute! 

I used some of the leftover fabric that I have. They are from the Winged collection designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics. I just fell in love with the fabrics and had to make a purchase.

My favorite design of the collection is actually Birds Peck. But I didn't have enough fabric to use it on the exterior of the bag so I used it as a pocket in the inside instead. It makes me so happy to open this bag!!

I think this bag would make a great beginner project! There is a tutorial along with free pattern to make this bag, provided by Imagine Gnats on this link. The tutorial is very nice, with many photos to guide you along the way! 

November 2014 Calendar Printable

Oh wow I don't post very often, do I? Sorry guys, I haven't done much crafting lately... I keep thinking of things that I want to do but I've been a little lazy I guess....

Anywho, did you guys have a fun halloween?

My husband and I actually didn't do any costumes or anything. We didn't have a party to go to so we just stayed at home last night and watched The Birds together. I can happily say that I didn't have a nightmare with birds last night :)

It's a new month so it's time for a new calendar printable!


This month's calendar printable features a lovely pattern from the Geo Basics pattern collection that I received by being a Roost Tribe member!

I really like this pattern! Love the subtle colors! The pattern reminds me a little of venus fly trap!


Blue Watercolor Sorbetto Top

Hello there!

So in September I did some selfish sewing and made a top for myself! I found this fabric at JoAnn and fell in love right away, I love love love the color and the pattern!

Anywho, I had had this fabric for a while but still couldn't decide on which pattern I wanted to use it for. I finally chose to use Colette Sorbetto Pattern. This is a free pattern, score! I think this pattern was easy to sew and it is a good pattern for beginner level seamstress. This pattern features a pleat, darts, and bias tape binding.

The only thing I did different with this pattern was that I lengthened the pattern by 2 inches and I added a sleeve. I don't exactly know how to draft a sleeve pattern so I actually used this sleeve pattern. Oh, and I also I added the seam allowance around the arm holes so it would be 5/8" .

Sorbetto Top


For a finishing touch, I sewed 3 buttons on the pleat. It's quite amazing how this little step makes it look so much cuter (at least in my mind!)


Anywho, it has taken me a while to write and post this blog post... Why? Well let me just tell you how awkward I felt trying to take pictures of me wearing this top! I don't know how other bloggers do it, maybe they're talented in that, or maybe they've just had a lot of practicing to do! I just wasn't sure how to pose, where to look, what to do with my hands, things like that. Haha so just brace yourself before you see the pictures, I think you probably would be able to see the awkwardness...





Haha well this is the best-looking picture out of all of the ones I took, so maybe this one isn't too bad :)

Anyway, this is a great top and I love it! I love the white bias binding around the neck hole and arm holes. Of course I just adore the 3 little buttons there just being so cute :)

I feel that this blouse fits well on my body, except I think that the sleeves look just a tad weird, but people say that it looks okay so maybe it's just me over-criticizing!


Do you do a lot of self-portrait picture? I'd really appreciate some tips!

October 2014 Printable Calendar

October is almost here... Yay! Even with the great summer that I've had this year, I was ready to say bye to summer and welcome fall season! I love that fall is so cozy! Here in the Pacific Northwest the rain has started to come. How does it look like where you live?

Brighten your month with this cute printable calendar!



For this printable, I used one of the patterns from the Floriculture set that I got from September Roost Tribe Newsletter.

Just as other calendar printables, this is for personal use only.


Baby Burp Cloths - Easy Sewing Project!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen these burp cloths before! These are so easy, I think this would be a great beginner sewing project!


I just almost squealed when I found out that Elizabeth Olwen fabric line is available at JoAnn!


The one on the left is a fat quarter from Jo-Ann. The two on the right are Elizabeth Owen's collection! I feel that the fabric goes well together!

If you can sew straight then I definitely think that you can make this!

I made this using the tutorial from The Thinking Closet.
The only thing I did different was instead of making a template that is 4 3/4 inch wide, I made a template that is 7 inches wide.
I feel that the wider fabric makes it look cuter :)

These burp cloths can also work as a changing pad! It is definitely big enough for that purpose. I gave these to a friend who is having a baby girl soon, I think she likes these so that's always good! :)

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