Blue Watercolor Sorbetto Top

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So in September I did some selfish sewing and made a top for myself! I found this fabric at JoAnn and fell in love right away, I love love love the color and the pattern!

Anywho, I had had this fabric for a while but still couldn't decide on which pattern I wanted to use it for. I finally chose to use Colette Sorbetto Pattern. This is a free pattern, score! I think this pattern was easy to sew and it is a good pattern for beginner level seamstress. This pattern features a pleat, darts, and bias tape binding.

The only thing I did different with this pattern was that I lengthened the pattern by 2 inches and I added a sleeve. I don't exactly know how to draft a sleeve pattern so I actually used this sleeve pattern. Oh, and I also I added the seam allowance around the arm holes so it would be 5/8" .

Sorbetto Top


For a finishing touch, I sewed 3 buttons on the pleat. It's quite amazing how this little step makes it look so much cuter (at least in my mind!)


Anywho, it has taken me a while to write and post this blog post... Why? Well let me just tell you how awkward I felt trying to take pictures of me wearing this top! I don't know how other bloggers do it, maybe they're talented in that, or maybe they've just had a lot of practicing to do! I just wasn't sure how to pose, where to look, what to do with my hands, things like that. Haha so just brace yourself before you see the pictures, I think you probably would be able to see the awkwardness...





Haha well this is the best-looking picture out of all of the ones I took, so maybe this one isn't too bad :)

Anyway, this is a great top and I love it! I love the white bias binding around the neck hole and arm holes. Of course I just adore the 3 little buttons there just being so cute :)

I feel that this blouse fits well on my body, except I think that the sleeves look just a tad weird, but people say that it looks okay so maybe it's just me over-criticizing!


Do you do a lot of self-portrait picture? I'd really appreciate some tips!


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