Winged Madeleine Bag

Hey y'all!

Phew, sorry I haven't been posting for a looooooong time now! Well, last year after Thanksgiving I got a job at a local technical college, so I guess that's my excuse. I know it's not a really great excuse, but to be honest lately I just don't feel like writing a blog after I get home from work. I was never good at keeping my blog updated anyway, haha who am I kidding. Anywho, so I feel so thankful to have a job and it's a really fun job too!

Anywho, last weekend I made a Madeleine bag! I think it looks really cute! 

I used some of the leftover fabric that I have. They are from the Winged collection designed by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics. I just fell in love with the fabrics and had to make a purchase.

My favorite design of the collection is actually Birds Peck. But I didn't have enough fabric to use it on the exterior of the bag so I used it as a pocket in the inside instead. It makes me so happy to open this bag!!

I think this bag would make a great beginner project! There is a tutorial along with free pattern to make this bag, provided by Imagine Gnats on this link. The tutorial is very nice, with many photos to guide you along the way! 

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