Trip to the Museum of Flight

This is a late post... Meaning I am supposed to have this posted much earlier yet I kept procrastinating.

Anywho, so on our 1st month wedding anniversary, Mr. Bee and I went to the Museum of Flight. I have wanted to go there for a while, so I was very excited!

It was a hot sunny day, so it felt good to be inside! It was so very cool

Anywho, my favorite moment was when we danced to the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow next to the Spitfire Exhibit. Pretty cool, I'd say. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the Spitfire, I thought I did, but I couldn't find it.

We had a chance to experience the cockpit

2013-06-17 14.01.24

He's a funny guy
2013-06-17 14.05.10

and then we felt quite rebellious.
2013-06-17 16.34.22

It was fun! You could go outside and they had several airplanes that you could check out. Mr. Bee wanted to check out the 747 but it's only open in August I think... But, we got to check out the Concorde and the old Air Force One! I don't know where the pictures went, I swear I took some pics of 'em! I found the Old Air Force One to be interesting as they had old rotating dial telephone, old typewriter, and other old stuff.

It was a good day, and I had tons of fun! Mr. Bee seemed to enjoy it too!

Thank you for a great day! I have such an amazing husband :D

2013-06-17 16.48.57


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