Trip to Mt Rainier

Warning: Due to the nature, this post is picture heavy.

Last month, on July 11th Mr. Bee and I decided to go on a daytrip to Mt. Rainier. It was a nice sunny day with a little bit of cloud.

Since it was on a weekday, it wasn't too crowded (which made us very happy!)

Here is a view from the car, on the way to Paradise
2013-07-11 13.10.56

Mt. Rainier is so pretty. We are so lucky to live somewhat close to it. It is always such a treat to be able to see Mt. Rainier. What's crazy about it is because you can see the cascades around it, but Mt Rainier is so huge that the cascades look tiny compared to it.

This is the view from the parking lot of Paradise Visitor Center
2013-07-11 14.39.07

We didn't go walk up the little hike at Paradise. I can't remember exactly why, probably because we had done it before and I was lazy. But anywho, since we had time, we decided to go to Longmire. Neither of us had gone there, so it was a little adventure I guess.

So it turned out that Longmire, unlike Paradise, don't exactly have a Visitor's Center Building. I mean it's still cool, there is a place where you can stay there, and also little trails that we could've done. We plan to go to the trails the next time we go there.

But the amazing thing about Longmire is the drive! So pretty, a lot of gorgeous view. Very cool. We passed several waterfalls.

Pictures and video of the Nisqually River:
2013-07-11 15.54.21
2013-07-11 15.56.11
[flickr video=9270401219 secret=da9589c7b7 w=400 h=225]
We took the video from on top of a bridge. It was ssssoooo windy there! You could even hear the wind in the video.

Pictures and videos of Narada Falls:
2013-07-11 16.20.52
[flickr video=9273197794 secret=2cedc5133a w=400 h=225]
[flickr video=9270419611 secret=5d48758d0c w=400 h=225]
2013-07-11 16.26.04
2013-07-11 16.41.34
We stopped at Narada Falls mainly because we had to use the bathroom. Haha. But it turned out that there is this little trail going down where you can see the falls better. You can even feel the mist on your face, quite refreshing on a hot sunny day.

Pictures and video of Christine Falls:
2013-07-11 15.32.20
2013-07-11 15.33.55
2013-07-11 15.34.08
2013-07-11 15.35.40
2013-07-11 15.43.28
[flickr video=9270393499 secret=781e499ace w=400 h=225]
Picture of us
2013-07-11 15.38.58
2013-07-11 15.39.27
2013-07-11 15.39.44

We had tried to take a good picture of Mount Rainier, but the cloud was covering it. We were just on our way home when Mr. Bee saw that the cloud had finally moved! So... we just had to take some more pictures
2013-07-11 17.01.07
2013-07-11 17.02.50
2013-07-11 17.03.46

It was such a great day! We really enjoyed our time there. Next time to Rainier, we are going to go to Ohanapecosh! Mr. Bee's parents told us that it is beautiful there. I think Mt Rainier is just beautiful from everywhere :)


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