Views from Snoqualmie Pass in the Pacific Crest Trail


It's been  a while! I'm a little embarrassed about that... There are actually some posts that I can write but I have been super lazy. You know how some people say "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"? Well, I feel like I have just been living in "If you can do it tomorrow, why do it today?" kind of mindset.

Anywho, I decided that I will write this today! Hopefully I will start choosing not to procrastinate.

So, this last Saturday my husband had a day off! What fun it was, he hadn't had saturdays off for a long time. We decided we should celebrate it by doing something fun! The weather forecast said that the weather should be nice and sunny so we decided we should go up on a little hike!

We decided to go to Snoqualmie Pass as there is a Pacific Crest trailhead right over there and it's only about 40 minutes away from home. The Pacific Crest trail is actually a very long trail that goes from US-Mexico border to US-Canada border.

The trail went over where the skiing and snowboarding area would be in the winter so it was pretty cool to walk under the ski lifts.

The weather actually wasn't as nice as they forecasted it to be, so we didn't hike for too long because it was windy up there and I was cold.

Fortunately, we were able to take some pics!

Snoqualmie falls-Pacific Crest 1

Snoqualmie falls-Pacific Crest  2

Snoqualmie falls-Pacific Crest  3

Snoqualmie falls-Pacific Crest  4




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