Easy Banana Bread Recipe Card Printable

When your see brown bananas...2014-01-21 14.07.14

That's a great time to make banana bread! I love brown bananas, they are so sweet! Other than making banana bread, I also like freezing them for smoothies! The picture above was actually taken after I made the banana bread. Which is too bad, because there was a siamese-twin banana! It was two bananas whose peel was connected together.

Anywho, my mother-in-law let me use her recipe card. She has had the recipe card  for a long time, it's gotten quite the personality!
2014-01-21 13.51.01

As you can see, this recipe is so easy! I have been learning how to use Illustrator so I thought I would try and make a printable recipe card for you.


You can click on the image above to get the printable Banana Bread Recipe Card. For personal use only.
The website link will not be on the printable file. You can print it on cardstock, do not scale the document when you print. The recipe card measures 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. You get 2 recipe card so you can share it with friends or family!

2014-01-21 15.25.46 2014-01-21 15.25.22

I used a bamboo skewer to check if the banana bread was done. Make sure it comes out totally clean. The first time I poked the bread, some crumbs clinging on it. So I baked it 10-15 minutes longer. I baked it for 70-75 minutes total.

The bread was so good! We finished it in one day :) How could I have resisted?


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