Blue Flowers Spring Dress (McCall's M6504)

Okay, so I have sewn a dress and didn't write anything for a long time. Oops. Anywho, so I bought the pattern a looooong time ago. Pretty sure I bought it sometime in the mid 2013. Jo Ann was having $5 for 5 patterns so I thought I'd get some! I bought pattern for shirts, skirts, and a dress. I then bought a few yards of blue flower fabric that was on sale and a zipper for the dress. Dress Pattern.jpg Anywho, after I bought all these I realized that the biggest size on the McCall's M6504 pattern is size 14. Well let me just say that when I measured myself, the measurement for my waist is bigger than that on the size 14 of the pattern. So I was hopeful that my waist line would go smaller and then I would fit into the dress. You guessed it, my size didn't change. I then took a leap of faith and just started sewing anyway!

So I made the C style because I wanted to have sleeves for the dress. The only  modification I made was to make the dress 2 inches longer so that it would cover my knees. I wanted to modify the neckline so it wouldn't be as low but since the front part of the dress consist of different panels, I wasn't sure how to do it. So I just left it be, I'll just have to wear a camisole underneath the dress!

The pattern states "EASY" on it, and I'd say it's pretty true. There are just more seams than I thought so it took a little longer than what I had expected. What took the longest to do was of course hand sewing the invisible hem on the bottom of the dress--it's pretty big circumference!

Blue Flowers Spring Dress-1

The result was a nice, flowy dress that's just perfect for spring! I've worn it to church a couple times, I love this dress! Okay, so I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me so I just put my camera on the tripod and took some selfies. I couldn't figure out how to put my camera in the burst settings so I just put it in 10 s timer and go back and forth from the camera to where I should be! It's quite fun but kinda awkward at the same time... I'm just not used to taking pics of myself!

Blue Flowers Spring Dress-2.jpg

My next project is a blouse or a summer cardigan. We will see which one comes first. I bought this super cute looking blue watercolor print fabric. So excited!


  1. Saw your dress on facebook and just had to pop over and say again what a great dress. I noticed that the inside is very neat, is that a serger finish on the facing and zipper or seam tape. Either way, fabulous!

  2. Thanks for visiting and following the blog! It's a serger finish, I'm lucky that my mother-in-law has a serger so I just borrowed hers :)
    I actually have never used seam tape before, but I like the look of it, so I might try someday!


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