April 2013 Visiting Teaching Printable

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Sorry I didn't update the blog at all last week! I had been sewing last week, and was just too lazy to get online (oops!)
I'll make sure to make a post about it so you can check out what I made!

Anywho, so this month's visiting teaching message has been currently focused on the life and ministry of the Savior. This month's message is The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Savior and Redeemer. I thought I'd make a printable so you can print it and share it!

Perhaps you might be wondering what this visiting teaching thing is about. Well, I am a Mormon, which means that I'm a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you want to know more, visit here to find out what Mormons believe. Anywho, every month we visit a fellow sister. We do this get to know her, share visiting teaching message, provide help when needed, etc. Visit the link to know more about the purpose of visiting teaching.

I've been learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. It's really been quite fun! I've enjoyed it a lot! I used one of the watercolor backgrounds by Daniel Davidson. Such pretty backgrounds, I love watercolors! I hope to learn it someday.


April Visiting Teaching Printable

For personal use only. There are two pages in the pdf. The first is full page so you can frame it if you want. In the second page you will get 4 little cards that you can give away!




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