May 2014 Organization Printable

Hey y'all!

Another week, another printable. May is coming so I thought it will be fun to start making organizational printable!

I made this printable to help us to be more organized. Mind you,  I'm not very organized so this is just what I need! Included in the file are calendar, weekly plan, to-do list and grocery list. To make it look cute (because who doesn't like cute things, right?) I used the patterns I got from the Roost Tribe. It is sooo good to be a member of the tribe! Every month I look forward for emails from Bonnie, our Roost Tribe hen :) So anywho, no, this isn't a sponsored post, I just honestly think that you might want to check it out and be a Roost Tribe member!

Okay, here ya go. I hope you like the printable! Let me know what you think. If you like it, I might make a set every month! Actually, i probably will anyway just because I know I'd need it!


For personal use only. To download, click on the picture above. Patterns from the roots and bloom collection from the Roost Tribe. Fonts used are Caneletter Script and Amatic.

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