Block Ads!

This isn't a sponsored post. I just think it's so awesome that you NEED to know this.

I use Google Chrome. Do you? Do you? At least if you don't, I hope you use Firefox. Idk... Internet explorer is just not for me.

So I use this extension on Google Chrome called AdBlock Plus. What it does is well... it blocks ads. It is awesome. It blocks annoying ads. Not only the pop up kind, or those on the sidebar of a page (like on Facebook), it even block video ads on YouTube! Is it awesome or what?

Anywho, if you use Google Chrome, you can add the extension here. It is free. If you use Firefox, you can go here.

If you use Internet Explorer, please help yourself make your life a bit easier by changing to Google Chrome or Firefox

I hope this helps! Please don't feel offended if you use Internet Explorer, I don't hate you guys, IE simply just doesn't do it for me. My husband actually uses Internet Explorer... It works for him, I guess!


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