The First Buzz

Hello world!

Well so I decided to start a blog...

Anywho, This is Dita or Mrs. Bee. I just got married about a month ago, on May 17th 2013 to my husband aka Mr. Bee.  <3

The wedding was small, we had it in the living room of Mr. Bee's parents. Only family and close friends came to the wedding. It was cute and small, I think about 30 people came, most were from the Mr. Bee's side of the family. Bishop Williams, who was the bishop at the ward where Mr. Bee and I met, performed the ceremony.

So.. before the wedding ceremony something happened. You see, I didn't buy a dress. I borrowed a dress from Mr Bee's cousin, Megan. The dress is soooo beautiful and I'm very grateful that she let me borrow it! The dress fit me really well, and it made me look like a had a small waist. Anywho, so I put the dress on about 10-15 minutes before the ceremony started. Because I had to wait, I decided to sit down. About 5 minutes sitting down, the dress made this noise "ZZZTTTTT"! Umm the zipper had popped open! So Lynne (Mr. Bee's mom), Michelle (my hostmom when I went to UT), and Teddi (my best friend) helped to try to unzip the dress and zip it up again. It was a bit of a struggle. After trying for a few minutes and didn't succeed, Lynne decided to say a prayer. After she said the prayer, we tried it again, and it worked! The zipper slid like butter! Yay problem solved! Well, so remember guys, prayer really does work ;)

After the ceremony, Teddi sang and it was beautiful! She sang 'The Way I am' by Ingrid Michaelson. I guess that made it our song :)

And then Dale (and Marissa) took our pics!

Wedding Picture

We took a funny picture too! Except Wade didn't realize that....

Goof BallsI guess that's it for the first post! Next post will include the open house!

P.S. Don't you just love the bouquet? They are peonies! Our talented neighbor, Stefanie arranged them!


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