Open House

My husband and I got married on May 17th, 2013 and we had an open house the next day.

Why an open house? Well I'm a college student haha so we need to safe money. My parents-in-law have a beautiful home with a gorgeous backyard. That means we didn't have to decorate like crazy! Yay awesome!

Oh btw, this is the picture that we used in the wedding invitations, Stefanie took the picture. She's so talented!Invitation Picture(I don't wanna put the picture of the invitations with the address and stuff)

So, the open house turned out very well! Mr. Bee and I spent most of the time just standing, greeting, and talking with the guests in the living room. A funny moment was when the Jensens came and then Mr. Bee got to talk about snowboarding. He went downstairs and showed them his snowboard. Does any other groom do this? He's pretty funny

Snowboard in the Open houseBtw, a lot of people helped with the open house! From cutting the lettuce for the salad, to decorating the tents! We had tents up because the weather forecast said that it would rain that day. It sprinkled a bit, but the tents really worked out well.

We had a simple wedding and a simple open house. Mr. Bee and I are pretty laid back. I didn't really choose a color, I just knew I wanted pastel colors. As the wedding day came closer though, it went more to a yellow and blue color. They are cute together!

Hummingbird CupcakesLynne baked these Hummingbird cupcakes! So cute! The flowers on top are made of thinly-sliced pineapple that is dried in the oven. It's so pretty and it's yummy too! If you wanna make it, click here for the recipe

I will need to look for more pics to add! I will update in the future!


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