Rocket Launch!

Earlier this month, June 1st to be exact, the Physics Club of Green River Community College had a super fun activity! We launched rockets! Each of the member of the Physics Club was given a budget of $15 per person for the rocket. The Physics Club bought it for us, how awesome! Anywho, my friend Jessica and I decided to do a rocket together. That means we had $30 budget! We bought a nicer rocket, the name is Estes Screaming Eagle. The rocket looks a lot like a fighter jet. We got the rocket maybe a month before the launch but since we were so busy, we didn't really start assembling the rocket until 3-5 days before the launch date.

This is the picture of the rocket that we assembled.

Since both Jessica and I were busy, we didn't have time to buy gray spray paint. I just went with whatever spray paint that I found at home, which was black color with some specks of copper. So our rocket didn't look like the picture up there, here is how it looks like.

2013-06-01 10.03.12

Do you see the little missiles? So cute! Anyway, this isn't the first rocket that I've made. Two years ago I made a rocket, it was my very first rocket so it was simple beginner rocket and not as hard to assemble as the Screaming Eagle. Below is a picture of the rocket that I assembled two years ago

I know it looks huge in the picture, but the rocket is only about 6 inches tall. My friend had orange and black spray paint so I thought it would be fun to make a tiger pattern. Even though it took quite a while to do it, it was easy, all I had to do was paint the rocket orange, tear some masking tape and put it together in a way that it would look like a tiger stripes, and then spray the black paint over it.

Jessica and I had tons of fun during the event. It was such a nice day! Early June in Seattle area, no one can expect to have a nice sunny day but we were glad that it was such a nice day!
2013-06-01 11.04.56

(That's me and Jessica, notice the nice sunny background)

I have a video here if you want to see how the rocket launched. It went really well, the parachute worked too! I was *this* close to catching it, you can see in the video. Btw, you can skip to 0:50 on the video.

Click here to watch the video

It was a great day! I think it's safe to say that all of us had tons of fun! I'm gonna miss GRCC's Physics Club


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