December '13 Finds


  1. Knitted Socks by ThreeBirdNest  | 2. Pink Gold Giftwrap Kit by ThurstonPost | 3. White Deers on Kraft Wrapping Paper by Wrapped by Alice | 4. Snowflakes Crochet Garland by Namolio | 5. Dandelion Candle Holder by Wapa | 6. Rose Gold Wish Bone Necklace by LayeredAndLong

Here are the finds of the month. I am going to start collecting the things I find throughout the month and sharing it here. You might find things to buy, great recipes, tutorials, etc.

December is also known as the month of gifting. So, with that in mind, this month I have chosen things that are great for this month's theme. Some of the things featured is amazing to be gifted (or to be put in your wish list) and some of them are things that are great to wrap your presents in. I don't know about you, but I really love wrapping presents! So I love this time of the year because I usually get to wrap quite a few things. You have to be careful though, when the presents are wrapped so beautifully, sometimes you don't want the gift-receiver to just rip it apart! I remember when growing up I would open any presents I got with such caution so that I would rip the gift wrap! Then I would fold the gift wrap, and keep it in my book cabinet, never to be used...

I hope you like it!

*below you might see an ad. In the future I hope to be able to get rid of it :) *


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