Making My First Color Palette

Mt. Rainier Color Pallete

I have just started to learn on how to use Adobe Illustrator. I have been having fun with it so far. I am borrowing a book from the local library. It is called Adobe Illustrator CS6 Classroom in a Book.  This book is the official training workbook from Adobe Systems. I should write a review when I'm done with it! I think this book has been a great way to spend my time. It is harder than, say an eCourse where you can watch a video. However, since I am borrowing this book from the library it is free! Yay!

So after learning some basics I just thought I would do an easy project, something I can share on my blog. I think a color palette is a pretty fun, easy project!

I took this picture when my husband and I went on a daytrip to Mt. Rainier. We usually just go to this place called Paradise. Paradise is so pretty, and there is a little hike that you can go up to. It is very pretty in the spring, so many wildflowers. On this day we decided to go to another place called Longmire after we went to Paradise. Well, it turned out to be a great idea! The scenery of the road we took to Longmire was just so amazing. It was something new to us, none of us had been there. So this is one the sites that is between Longmire and Paradise. It is called the Nisqually River.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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