Thanksgiving Weekend

Something that I realized this week is that I need to do better with updating this blog! Yeah, I need to post more often. The thing is, I know I have the time but I just got lazy.

Anywho, I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving day! I sure did :) My parents-in-law hosted the Thanksgiving dinner and there were family members everywhere! Grandma, aunt, uncle, cousins, and siblings. In total we had 13 adults and 4 kids. I think the 4 kids were more noisy than the 13 adults... Well of course!

It was my 4th Thanksgiving.
My 1st Thanksgiving was in Utah. I spent it with the Bartletts, the family that hosted me while I was an exchange student.
The 2nd Thanksgiving was in Wenatchee, WA. I was in my first year of college and my host family, the Kanes, took me to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family.
The 3rd was here with Mr. Bee (my husband)'s family. I think we had been dating for about 8 months. It was a happy day. Well, Thanksgiving has always been a happy day anyway.

It was quite fun! Mr. Bee's Grandma taught me how to crochet with thread. It wasn't easy. While I was struggling to make 1 napkin ring, Grandma made 3 already. She is quite the pro! Actually, she made a doily for our wedding.

That day, we also celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday, so we had the famous Bybee apple pie! Yay! It was so super duper delicious! Oh the food I ate that day. Let's just say that my tummy had quite the party.

More about food that we had, so pretty much the whole Thanksgiving weekend we had turkey. So, we had roasted turkey on Thursday, turkey enchiladas on Friday, turkey noodle soup on Saturday, and more roasted turkey on Saturday (Mr. Bee's aunt cooked fresh turkey.) Someday I should share the recipes.

Did anyone go anywhere for Black Friday? I personally didn't get anything. There were sooo many great deals, but there wasn't anything that we needed and nothing that was in anyone's wish list. We did go to Jo-Ann though. My mother-in-law is going to make blankets for her future grandchildren. They had a great deal on flannel, 75% off! Luckily, the line wasn't as bad as we thought! So everything went pretty well.

It was this last weekend when I realized that I need to post more often! I would like to be better. I had this blog up for myself, so I know I will benefit from it. Hopefully this can somehow help others too! I would try to share more here.

I hope all of you had a great weekend!


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