Our Trip to Leavenworth


Mr. Bee has a silly schedule. His schedule is different every week, we only know that he doesn't work on Sunday. Other than that, we have to wait until the next week's schedule comes out.

Well, he had the day off yesterday (Monday). Of course he had a great idea of what to do. He wanted to go to Leavenworth.

Leavenworth is a town that is about 130 miles away from where we live. The interesting thing about this town is that you will feel like you are in a Bavarian village. It is so fun, the buildings just look very Bavarian. What I like the most is when I see stores that are more common there (e.g. Starbucks and Safeway) because the font of the brands are in Bavarian font. It's just so unique!
So, from what I know, Leavenworth hasn't always looked like a Bavarian village. After reading the Leavenworth History, I found out that the city was on the brim of extinction when they started to change the appearance of the city. With the beautiful background of the mountains, the Bavarian theme was picked. Their plan was to attract tourist to the area. According to the site, "close to two million tourists come to Leavenworth each year." So we know that their plan to save the town has definitely worked very well.

The Christmas Lighting Festival is one of Leavenworth's annual event. If you are thinking of coming, here is the schedule of Leavenworth's Christmas Lighting Festival. It is a big magnet for tourists. I remember going there on a Saturday two years ago, it was definitely packed! So be prepared with having to find parking, walking a little, and with finding out where to eat. Two years ago we couldn't find any restaurant that could accommodate us.

Anywho, back to yesterday... When we got there,  I was hungry. So we just walked around, looking for something that sounds good. So, I think researching the restaurants before you go there is very important.  If you have a smartphone, that means you can just research while you are there. Look for restaurants reviews in Yelp or maybe Trip Advisor. Just make sure you look at the reviews first before you go. Unfortunately, this is something that we forgot to do. So, we ended up eating at The Soup Cellar, which was the first time we ate there and probably the last. Why? The food wasn't good and it was definitely way overpriced for what you get.

I had the Bavarian Plate, which has two German sausages, potato salad, kraut, and a dinner roll. As a Reuben fan, of course Mr. Bee ordered the Reuben (Corned beef, kraut, swiss cheese on rye bread) that also comes with thousand island sauce and potato salad. He also got the fountain drink, I had water.

The Bavarian Plate
2013-12-16 16.37.08

The Reuben
2013-12-16 16.37.30

Mr. Bee seemed to enjoy his food. Unfortunately, I don't think I enjoyed it as much as he did. The sausages were okay, it wasn't very delicious. The dinner roll was warm however hard to eat, the texture almost felt like rubber. The potato salad was good though, that's probably the only thing I really enjoyed! What's sad too is that we spent $27 total! Too expensive, I guess that's the downside of a tourist town: food is more expensive!

After eating, we just walked around the town and visited various stores. We went to one of my favorite store there: The Wood Shop & Hat Shop. I really like this shop, it's just so fun to try on all the different hats they have there.

I tried the Panda Hat on.
2013-12-16 18.11.23

I made him wear it.
2013-12-16 18.12.19

We had so much fun! I am glad that we were able to go there and spend time with each other. Leavenworth is a fun town, you should visit it sometime!

Here are some more pictures:
2013-12-16 18.45.30
2013-12-16 18.47.46
2013-12-16 18.00.05


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