Snoqualmie Falls in December

This morning Mr. Bee was reading the newspaper while eating cereal for breakfast. In the newspaper He saw a picture of Snoqualmie Falls. Since we had no plans for today, Mr. Bee suggested to go there.

Well, I'd just have to say that I am so glad that I did! When we got there, I could see there were a lot of people who came to take photographs of the view. While enjoying the view, I saw a helicopter hovering over the falls (I bet they were taking pictures too)

Let's let the picture do the talk!

2013-12-09 15.31.35

A man that was standing by Mr. Bee told him that he had never seen Snoqualmie Falls like this before. I feel so lucky and grateful that we got to enjoy this beautiful view!

Our attempt of taking a selfie didn't quite work...

2013-12-09 15.24.11

Fortunately a nice couple offered to take a picture of us

2013-12-09 15.38.52


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