Half Square Triangles Zipper Pouch


I made this for last week's Relief Society activity. The activity was called "Share Your Talent Auction". It was so much fun! So pretty much everyone offered something. Some of the talents offered were helping with spring cleaning, three hours of sewing, a handmade scarf, bags of granola, etc. We didn't use money, instead we were given two-page-long questionnaire by which you get points. It was skewed though! Lol, the first question was 5 points for each year you have been married. Then the rest of the questions were just 5 points if you did this, 5 points if you did that. I've only been married for less than a year, while my mother-in-law, she has been married for more than 30 years! Haha she got more points on that one question than the points I got for the whole page of the questionnaire! Anywho, it was all fun though! I actually won a rich chocolate cake! So goood, it is definitely very rich!

Anywho, back to the zipper pouch. I thought I'd sew something for the activity! I came across the tutorial and thought that it looks super cute! So I felt like I just had to make it! I've never really worked with half square triangles (HST) before but I found myself having fun! I especially had fun piecing them together, making a different pattern on each side of the zipper pouch.

The fabric I used is from Barcelona Layer Cake by Zen Chic for Moda that I won on a giveaway by Forth Worth Fabric Studio. Thank you, Forth Worth Fabric Studio!
Would you like to make one yourself? Go here for the Half Square Triangle Zipper Pouch Tutorial by Jeni Baker of In Color Order



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