The Big 20/20 Event: Day 11: Make Gorgeous Goddess Bath Salt

This post comes from the lovely Renee.

Every woman is beautiful; every woman is the embodiment of The Divine Feminine—she is a goddess on earth…and she deserves fabulous bath products!

I consider the bath to be a sacred goddess space for ritual, anointing, reflection and tranquility. It is a place to honor the beauty of your body, to cleanse, to purify and release. On my website, I offer products for this such as scented sea salts for soaking and sugar scrubs for super soft skin—all made with pure salts, sugars, essential oils, herbs and flowers. The recipes for my products are well designed, but with just a few basic ingredients, you can create your own beautiful bath products—I’ll show you how.

You will need:

• 2 cups sea salt, course or fine

• rose petals; red, pink or white

• rose essential oil

• jasmine essential oil

• wooden coffee stirrers, chopsticks or spoon

• a ceramic or glass bowl

• a glass or ceramic lidded jar

• rubbing alcohol

• cotton wipes

Rose Is the queen goddess of the flower realm, she reigns over all other flowers. Her scent is exquisite, sweet, earthy and slightly spicy. I find that when I work with rose, she wants to be the only scent in the formula, so I use her sparingly— unless she is the only aromatic essence that I have chosen, and then I go all out. Flower lore claims that rose is for love, power, protection and divine connection.

It is said that when Mary Magdalene died, the lovely scent of roses filled the room.Jasmine is the sexiest one of the flower realm; she sashays across the field with her hips undulating like a belly dancer. Her scent is deeply sweet, warm, alluring and narcotic—just a whiff can cause one to enter into a trance. When working with jasmine, I have found that she is a tease; hiding out in the blend until I have poured too much, so I use her sparingly as well. ‘You can always add more’ is a good rule of thumb when working with jasmine. Flower lore hails jasmine as the ‘Queen of the Night’, which is a reference to her sensual and erotic nature as well as to her potent scent which heightens after sundown.

When combining rose and jasmine, I like to use equal parts so that they will eventually blend harmoniously without competition, and become a truly lovely aromatic treasure that is based on one of the oldest recipes in the history of perfumery.

Sea salt is a precious substance that our bodies need to live. The minerals found in sea salt are essential to our health and wellbeing, not to mention how delicious it is on food. No bath is complete without sea salt; adding sea salt creates a miniature ocean in your tub. It relaxes the body, eases stress from sore muscles and sends rich, nutrient minerals deep into the body by way of the skin and powerful negative ions into the air.

How to make Goddess Beauty Bath Salt:

• Place your supplies on a clean work surface

• wipe the inside of your lidded jar with alcohol on a cotton wipe

• put sea salt in your glass or ceramic bowl

• put 7 drops each of rose and jasmine essential oil into the sea salt

• mix with your wooden coffee stirrers, chopsticks or spoon

• put rose petals into mixture

• stir with wooden coffee stirrers, chopsticks or spoon

• pour mixture into your lidded jar, close with top or lid

• clean your glass or ceramic bowl with alcohol on a cotton wipe

• dispose of wooden coffee stirrers, chopsticks

• if you used a wooden spoon; clean with alcohol on a cotton wipe

This makes one bath’s worth of Goddess Beauty Bath Salt, for larger amounts simply double or triple the recipe. Pour into a hot bath and soak. This is a bath for beauty, for tranquility and for spiritual connection to The Divine Feminine. Enjoy!

A little more about Renee

What inspires you?

I am deeply inspired by ancient and sacred wisdom, magic and alchemy. I pour over old spell books, magical texts, alchemical formulas, plant healing and herbal lore. Mythology tugs at my soul, the word ‘handcrafted’ makes me swoon, and the opportunity to concoct a potion, an unguent, an elixir or spell is always at the top of my list.

Where do you get your ideas from for tutorials/products?

There is only one way for me to answer this, and that is to say; from The Goddess, who is the Feminine aspect of God. She is the Divine Mother, The Creatrix and I can feel Her flowing through me whenever I am inspired. I embody Her whenever I create…as all women do. All of my products, classes and tutorials are rooted in this connection to Her beauty, Her magic and Her wisdom.

How long have you been a creating your products?

I dabbled for many years, giving my wares away before I actually offered anything to the purchasing public, but once I did—I was hooked! It’s been about 15 years now, and I never tire of the bliss and the feeling of satisfaction I get knowing that something I made has brought joy to another.

What is your biggest dream for your future?

I would love for my business to grow—really grow. For it to become huge, far reaching, and to serve many, many people all over the world. But the one thing that will never change, no matter how big it gets, is that I will always be hands-on with everything; from design to packaging to shipping it out.


I am seeker of wisdom and an aromatic alchemist who is drawn to the sacred mysteries of plants, herbs and oils as well as to lunar magic and The Divine Feminine. My own magical transformations have inspired the many products that I create—and use! Once I discovered the power of herbs, resins, essential oils, and the magnificence of ritual and magic—my obsession with crafting products

using ingredients from nature and recipes of old began. I wake up every day with new ideas, a love for life and a joyful appreciation to be here sharing it all with others. Find Renee here.

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