Happy Pi Day!


Happy π Day, everyone! Today is the March 14th, also known as pi day!
What an irrational day to celebrate! Pi is an irrational number. What that means is that the number can not be represented by a simple fraction. An example of a rational number is 0.125, which can be represented by 1/8.

The value of π is 3.14159265... it goes on and one and one! You should check out one million digits of pi.

Pi can be defined as the ratio between the circumference of a circle divided by it's diameter (it's distance across). That's why in math we know that the formula to find a circumference of a circle is π multiplied by the diameter of a circle!

Oh, did you know that Albert Einstein was born on a pi day?

I celebrate this day by eating some pie! Yummy yummy pie! :)


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